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A heading may apply to the entire page, a section within the page, or even a single sentence or link - but it must apply to something, for a heading only exists as a member of a "head and body" pair. If this is not true - for example, if your third-level headings are reserved specifically for sidebars that cannot be promoted to second-level sections - then the number-based naming scheme is not a good idea at all.Imagine that one day you need to add sections This scheme is intuitive, easy to remember, and therefore easy to use.Even though there is only one heading element type, XSLT or Schematron will have no problem determining the role of each particular heading by checking its parent element.

On the other hand, given that XSLT can easily traverse from a heading element to its parent, there's no real reason to use headings for linking in XSLT-based projects.

, "The source definition." Having discussed the ins and outs of building a comprehensive and useful source definition, we'll now look at how these rules can be applied to real-world source XML documents of a typical web site.

I cannot claim to cover everything: Your web site may well contain unique elements that won't fit common schemes.

For example, a heading usually has a unique (either within the page or, more usefully, within the entire site) attribute used in cross-references or hyperlinks to this section from elsewhere.

In fact, a typical reference is supposed to refer to the section (or other structural unit) to which the heading belongs, not to the heading itself.

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