Sexiest dating sites

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For sheer numbers of eligible, motivated people, you can't beat online dating websites.

I know some of you have had bad experiences, but the good experiences outweigh those, from what your fellow singletons tell me.

The place is chock full of wonderful women, mostly over 40.

Let me tell you, the few men who attend have amazing choices.

I don't understand why more mature men do not take advantage of spas; they're fabulous opportunities for singles.

When you hang out informally with women and get to know them in classes and over group dinners, you have a great chance to become friendly without too much pressure.

Of course there is always the chance you could meet The One in a supermarket or library. In those circumstances, too, it's hard to know whether the person you meet is actually single.

Enjoying the ambiance—great crowd, food, drinks, and music—several singles paired up and danced.

If the weather is amenable, join an outdoor sporting club.

You already know that bars are a bad place if you want to find someone who is serious about finding a life partner (anyway, they're usually full of twenty-somethings who'd consider you an antique).

You might have exhausted your local religious establishment or community singles organization. Here are my favorite locations and some tactics to help you do well once you get there.

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    Keep things short and chatty to test the waters, remember that you don’t have anything to lose by reaching out and have fun getting to know the person on the other side of the profile; once you are ready, set up that first date!