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Follow these, and we'll all get along just fine.1.

SITUATION: Exchanging Passwords RULE: Bad idea, period.

GUYS SAY: "My wife and I both have passwords on our phones.

It's mostly to protect in case they are stolen, and I trust her completely, but people don't need to have total access to every detail about each other."GIRLS SAY: "I had an old boyfriend's email password, which he'd given to me so I could help him with some work remotely, and I ended up abusing it and reading his emails.

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GUYS SAY: "I think physically updating the status before you say ' I love you' is OK, but don't think Facebook should be a huge part in the relationship."GIRLS SAY: "I have been with my boyfriend for two years, and I feel pretty secure in our relationship, but I have never put 'single' or 'in a relationship' on my profile.GUYS SAY: "It makes my blood curdle to think about some chick writing about me on a blog."GIRLS SAY: "I think everyone has heard stories about sad, miserable, melodramatic, really publicly blogged-about relationships, which wouldn't seem so bad if [the details] didn't live on in perpetuity.Can you imagine your kids growing up and Googling you, to discover some old failure of a boyfriend you hardly remember? SITUATION: Browsing the Web While Watching TVRULE: Don't pull up Facebook while you're watching TV together.SITUATION: Checking In on Foursquare RULE: It really depends on how out there you want to be.GUYS SAY: "If I'm not dating anyone, or I'm dating one person exclusively, I am fine with Foursquare—you can disclose where you are with impunity.

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