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"People are willing to pay a premium for pornography," said Coopersmith, the Texas A&M professor."You see this with movies, with VCRs -- which is when it first really became noticeable. casino iphone keno trekning i dag Denne siden handler kun om Winner Casino og presenterer informasjon om spillopplevelsen, programvare, stotte og bonuser ved Winner Casino.

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While Hollywood has scored with a few blockbusters, 3-D tech for the television is still in its infancy -- and porn, as always, is right there to capitalize.

One of the earliest was Polaroid's provocatively named camera, "The Swinger" -- ostensibly so-called because of a strap that let it dangle from the user's wrist.

In a television ad, a young man uses it to photograph a bevy of gyrating, bikini-clad models before eventually picking one to walk off into the sunset -- with only the camera between them. "You don't want to be public, but you've got your own private corporate plans." "As for the future, Bunimovitz says he doesn't expect his industry to back away from the cutting edge of technology.

By the time Apple released the device in early April, the system was ready, he said.

"Every step of the way, when there's a new technology, we explore it," said Bunimovitz.

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