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After the VOC was formally dissolved in 1800 the Batavian Republic expanded all the VOC's territorial claims into a fully fledged colony named the Dutch East Indies.

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Colonial buildings and structures in Jakarta include those that were constructed during the Dutch colonial period of Indonesia.

This earlier period of Jakarta had many of the buildings solidly built with relatively enclosed structures, a structure that is not very friendly to tropical climate as compared to the architecture of the next period in Jakarta. Several Portuguese colonial architecture also exist, usually outside the walled city of Batavia.

Tugu Church and Sion Church, with its plain facade and domed windows, are some surviving examples.

Very often the local Javanese style limasan roof was employed, but with addition of 19th-century European architectural elements such as Tuscan columns, doors, windows, and a flight of three to four steps leading up to a verandah running the full width of the house.

The abolition of the Cultuurstelsel in 1870 made way for the rapid development of private enterprises in the Dutch Indies.

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