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The Episode starts with Sanchi about to read the report, when Neeta makes Nurse fall. Ria calls Kusum and says Kabir asked me to call Bittu and went to OT. Kusum thinks Ria must be trying to know about Sanchi and says she will give Kabir’s message to Bittu. Sanchi hears interns talking about proposing to Veer as he has a break up with her. Vikrant says our lawyer is here and calls Sanket/Aniket.

Sanchi helps her get up and then looks for the file. Sanchi tells them that they didn’t have break up, and they were on break. Priya thinks she has to stop them from seeing Sanket.

Moreover, Pakistan is in location while Urdu is its language.

ARTISTIC COMPOSITION: The artistic composition of Kankar is revolving about two girls who are best friends one is Kiran and second is Arzoo.

Arzoo loves her cousin Sikandar and has desire of glamorous life. She is also very energetic and her parents in searching for good proposal.

Kiran is very close to her father because she is only and only one daughter of her parents.

It is a story of two best friends who are paternal cousins, Arzoo and Kiran.

Arzoo is a rich girl who loves her rich maternal cousin Sikandar.

Sanchi tells Pragya that Veer is showing attitude and not looking at her.After marriage Kiran deeply loves with Sikandar but he proves that he is typical husband like other male dominate scenario.So, Kiran decided to leave him.so, this is main theme of Kankar and it is true this is reality that exists in our society.Born in Karachi, Khan started her career as a VJ in 2006.She made her screen debut opposite Atif Aslam in the hit romance Bol (2011), which earned a Lux Style Award for Best Actress (film) nomination.

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