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Our self-awareness is the reason why I think INFPs learn quickly.

We often know right away when we’re doing it wrong so we can correct mistakes.

That anchor keeps INFPs from being knocked off course when bad things happen. When the storm passes, we realize we aren’t that far off course, pull up anchor and start moving again towards our goals.

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It’s these qualities if nurtured, bring us better outcomes. Introverted Feeling means we make decisions about our internal world all the time.If you’re good at more than one thing, you can divide your stress, your self-worth and your need for safe harbor between multiple things. Getting back up and risking a new hurt is more interesting than dwelling on a past hurt. The caveat is the addiction to getting knocked down in order to feel a new hurt. Unsuccessful INFPs take the same risks and get the same failures.Bad decisions happen and we can’t keep running away every time something goes bad. INFPs are adaptable without losing sight of our ideals. Successful INFPs take better risks to get a better chance of success.Knowing if we were right or wrong about our instincts improves our chances of being right the next time.One caveat: The INFP’s Introverted Feeling is great for decisions about our internal world like deciding the kind of person we want to be.

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