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According the report, Abeiku Santana and Kojo Yankson of Joy FM took to social media to ask a lady for sexual gratification.

These romours were rife after the infamous UCC girl, Abena Korkor, came out to mention names of some male public figures who had paid her huge sums of money to sleep with her.

For those of you residing in Accra who frequent places like busy Internet, you may have observed that most of the young white women who come around move with young Ghanaian men wearing dreadlocks.

I wish to say that, not all dreadlock spotting men are involved in this.

However, in an interview with Jessica Opare Saforo on Celebrity Fan Zone on Gh One television last Saturday, Abeiku said he never harassed the lady and that she was someone she knew and had worked with. She’s a model I have worked with at my events but her account got hacked.

So when they hacked her account they saw private chats in her account and as wicked with their malicious intent, they checked which people chat with the lady and they saw my name and that of Kojo Yankson,” he said.

Our people should be alert and be let into such dangerous relationships.

This is very dangerous especially these days of HIV / AIDS.

Her cover story is that her parents moved to Ghana when she was young and then died, leaving her a small fortune in gold or land she can only access once she marries.

“I think it is bad but, because of youth unemployment, we don’t have a work, sometimes when you sit down and think what you are doing is bad but you are in it you don’t have any option,” said Ama.

In developing countries like Ghana, an estimated 15 percent of school-age children suffer from parasitic diseases, partly due to lack of proper footwear.

And while countless nonprofits donate millions of shoes a year to kids in need, kids quickly wear out — or grow out of — their shoes.

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