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Once I was free of it Alec snatched them from me and slid them into his pocket with a smirk.

I spread my legs, ready for him, but he shook his head and patted his lap. Anyone could turn around at any moment and it was fucking exhilarating to think about.

As I walked through the halls of the film and photography building guys checked me out and girls glared at me. There were a couple more people filing in the room, but no one had come near our little back corner yet.

I was definitely overdressed for class, but I felt confident and sexy so I didn't give a flying fuck. " he purred sliding his hand all the way up my skirt. He slid two fingers knuckle deep inside me and I had to cover my mouth to silence my moan of pleasure.

One of his hands moved from my hip and slid up under my shirt and under my bra to cup my breast.

He gently tugged and pinched my nipple making my pussy quiver and tighten in response.

He gave me a lustful look, "don't worry I always finish what I start," he whispered in my ear.

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Once I was finished getting all dolled up I tore through my dresser to find my favorite skirt. I glanced around the mostly empty classroom, there was a nerdy looking guy sitting up front who was paying us no mind. When I get there I immediately fixed my hair and make up before going through my closet. with me between your thighs," he whispered as he leaned in close to me. "I don't even know how to start that though," I frowned. "Well do what you did with Zach just march your sexy ass up to him and ask him to hang out," Amy pep talked. I could probably sit by him in there," I bit my lip in thought. I laughed and grimaced at my yoga pants and old worn sweat shirt... After my class with Amy I had a two hour break before my writing class with Alec so I booked it home immediately.I thanked the universe that the room was almost pitch black so we were somewhat concealed.Alec adjusted himself so just the tip of his cock began to push inside me and I had to cover my mouth with my hand to silence myself.

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