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It took three hundred years for all the nations on Earth to adopt the Gregorian calendar (which is named after the Pope who ordered and authorized the change, Pope Gregory VIII).As you can see, dating isn’t as straightforward as you may imagine in genealogy.With the previously used Julian calendar, the first day of the year was March 25. The change to the Gregorian calendar moved the first month and day of the year to January 1, 1752 may have double dating listed for them in genealogical records…

You have to be even more careful to analyze the date and be sure you’re getting it right when you use Quaker records.

Did you know that there was a change in our calendar in 1752?

There was, and it changed the way things were dated.

For example, they may write a date for a birth, date, or marriage as 18 month of the year. If you are using dates during the time the Julian calendar was being used, 10mo would be January.

These are things you must take into consideration carefully whenever dating something using standard or Quaker dating styles that took place between 17, as some of the dates in parts of these years might be affected by the calendar change that took place in 1752.

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