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Regarding opals, Darwinian bias led geologists to long ignore possible quick action, as from microbes, as a possible explanation for these mineraloids.

For both in nature and in the lab, opals form rapidly, not even in 10,000 years, but in weeks.

- A second school of jellyfish, even though they rarely fossilized, exists in another locale with jellyfish fossils in multiple layers, in Australia's Brockman Iron Formation, constraining there too the rate of strata deposition.

By the way, jellyfish are an example of evolution's big squeeze.

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But this was cut in less than a decade." And as for the volcano itself, while again, the kneejerk reaction of old-earthers would be to claim that most geologic features are hundreds of thousands or millions of years old, the atheistic National Geographic magazine acknowledges from the evidence that Mount St.

Many of these scientific finds demand a re-evaluation of supposed billion-year ages.

* Opals Can Form in "A Few Months" And Don't Need 100,000 Years: A leading authority on opals, " More knowledgeable scientists resist the uncritical, group-think insistence on false super-slow formation rates (as also for manganese nodules, gold veins, stone, petroleum, canyons and gullies, and even guts, all below).

See the web's most complete listing of these journal papers, with links and excerpts, at RSR's Dinosaur Soft

* Rapid Stalactites, Stalagmites, Etc.: A construction worker in 1954 left a lemonade bottle in one of Australia's famous Jenolan caves.

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