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I don’t recall ever having heard the chirrups of sparrows at Heathrow, Britain’s gateway to the world.But 15 miles north-north-east from Europe’s busiest airport, Elstree aerodrome is a rural backwater whose tranquility is infrequently interrupted by the urgent rasp of a single-engine aircraft lining up to take off.While terrestrially those assets have traditionally been filled from time to time by hitch-hikers, pilots like to know a little more about potential passengers.So Wingly aims to connect aviators with amateurs like me who need to get from A to B but have some flexibility about where A and B happen to be, and can work around the pilot’s timing.Flights may be sightseeing jaunts, on which the pilot is boosting his or her hours in the air; there-and-back excursions, hopping across to the Isle of Wight or crossing the Channel to Le Touquet; or, as I had booked, a one-way business trip.You can also bid for a flight — saying roughly where you need to be, and when, and hoping that one of the flying community is willing to help.You will look in vain for Elstree in the planet’s aviation schedules, because it is strictly a venue for General Aviation — private flying, in propellor planes, rather than those noisy jets.

But the pilot, who has been flying since he was 17, turned out to be IFR rated — in other words, he can fly using instruments only in cloud.But before the plane reached the 70mph that motorists on the M1 just ahead were doing, we were airborne. We flew over the morning misery of the motorway, traversed Watford and rose high above Rickmansworth — to the staccato soundtrack of controllers choreographing the busiest skies in the world.Once airborne, the private plane is a peer to the Jumbo jet and the Airbus A380.For the passenger it promises an exhilarating experience along with transportation. Carrying one or more passengers helps keep the cost of their indulgence down. On the website, you can survey the flights available.“London” covers a multitude of departure points, from Fairoaks in Surrey to North Weald in Essex.

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