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It's also strangely addictive, you can't stop sniffing this.Overall, I'd say that this is a strong and dark freshie, probably one that the newbies want to stay clear of, it is definitely a mature person's scent.I blind bought this, after noticing that it got rave reviews on You Tube and I'm not too impressed.

I am sure this perfume is wearable by less than the 40% of people that tried it but they will always remember it. This truly smells exactly like a fresh mandarin (tangerine) when you peal it and get the juice on your hands... When I first tried it I was in Italy, sprayed once on my wrist and it smelled amazing. Bearing in mind this was in the Summer with temperatures of around 33 celcius. About 5 or 6 hours later it was still projecting pretty damn well.I would have never thought this was not lloved by all, until I saw other people's reactions in the fragrance community.I have gotten compliments and positive reactions from every age range men and women, but the teenage men and women do not seen to love it, but do not dislike it.It comes off to my nose as a salty, bitter orange rind with a bit of earthy-ness.I bought it during winter but I can imagine how refreshing this will be once summer rolls around.

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