Dating affiliate program webmoney

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The normal commission is 75%, but if you generate more than 30 subscriptions in a calendar month you get a 25% bonus.

is a high converting site if you have the right type of traffic and affiliates that do will make lots of money.

No cookie expiration date applicable for the pay-per-sale option, nor we trace customers by IP addresses as both practices deprive the affiliates of their rightful earnings A BIG TIME when it comes to pay per sale - often people pay from a different computer or IP or after a certain period of time.

The referrer of every Sesile customers is permanently recorded and if he decides to pay after 10 years you will surely get a full commission for it.

That makes online dating the third most popular category on the internet behind only music and games.Yes it is really true - Match offers a 100% commission!´s affiliate business and online dating sites span over six continents."It can make a newspaper more relevant to its younger readers and radio stations love the community aspect that an online dating site brings to its listeners." For each conversion, Match Link offers affiliates a 66% commission rate.It also supplies its affiliates with text links and banner ads and offers advice on the best way to promote an internet dating site.

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