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Attached to the Radlett Centre is the local Public Library.There are three public houses in Radlett, the "Cat and Fiddle", "O'Sullivan's Bar" and the "Red Lion Hotel".The first documented history of the area comes from the Domesday survey of 1086.This confirms that most of the land was in the possession of the Abbey of Westminster, though parts of Titeberst (land to the east of Watling Street) were claimed by St Albans.Newberries mansion was demolished in the 1950s and Aldenham Lodge in 1964.Handley Page Ltd opened a grass airfield just north of the town in 1929 for the production of aircraft.

Various archaeological finds of Mesolithic and Neolithic flints provide evidence that the Radlett area was inhabited in the Stone Age; the land was densely wooded and remained so until the Middle Ages.

The two major tenants were listed as Geoffrey de Mandeville and Geoffrey de Bec and they leased part of their holdings to tenant farmers.

The land was densely forested but was gradually cleared throughout the medieval period for agricultural use and the population lived in dispersed farm settlements adjacent to field strips or scattered around the periphery of common land which made up a substantial part of the southern and western area of the Parish.

The Catuvellauni tribe settled in parts of Hertfordshire, near St Albans and Wheathamstead in about 80BC, although no trace of settlement has been found in or near Radlett itself.

The name Radlett appears to come from the Old-English rad-gelaete meaning a junction of the roads and it is likely that the settlement grew at the point where the ancient route from Aldenham to Shenley crosses Watling Street.

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