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If Jackson does not reinstate President will," Shillinglaw wrote.

This is because the New Testament documents are better-preserved and more numerous than any other ancient writings.

It is good evidence on which to base the trust in the reliability of the New Testament.

The New Testament is constantly under attack, and its reliability and accuracy are often contested by critics.

That’s the reason why speed dating is such a prominent event this season.

At the event, make sure all of you guest have a name badge (Alias's are ok and suggested) and assign them a unique number for easier match results.

It’s a great opportunity to try before you buy; you’ll be able to see exactly how the site works, who we’ll match you with and why we’re so confident that e Harmony can help you on your search for love.

Just a word of personal advice from experience, I have noticed that age groups that range from 35 and up are more likely to fill up faster than those events for people who are single and under the age of 35.**Remember to keep communication open with the business owners and thank them for their support.This speed dating company is based out of Atlanta and offers a unique style of events, speed dating resources, and information on getting started with hosting and coordinating speed dating events.Have them complete a registration form with contact information, email address, their real name, and Alias (if using one) for matching purposes.During the event, every 6-8 minutes you ring the bell and the daters switch dates.

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